Betrayal, passion, blood and dishonor all find a home in UNCERTAIN GLORY, a war romance by cult director Agustí Villaronga, acclaimed helmer of the award-winning Black Bread.


War Romance / 2017 / Catalan / 117 min / Spain



Spain, 1937. Lluis is a soldier, a loner who doesn’t believe in the war he’s fighting. While stationed at an inactive posting, he falls madly in love with Carlana, a swindling landowner whose only thirst is for power. Carlana tricks him and tramples on Lluis’s self-esteem, dragging him into a downward spiral of passion, betrayal and humiliation that will have devastating consequences for everyone involved.







Agustí Villaronga (Black Bread)


Production companies

Massa d'Or (Black Bread






Marcel Borràs (The Red Band Society)


Oriol Pla (Truman


Núria Prims (Unconscious)


Bruna Cusí (Summer 1993)


Terele Pávez (Witching & Bitching)