The producers of the highest-grossing Spanish film ever and its sequel, Spanish Affair 1&2, deliver another box-office hit. The best Spanish opening of 2017, FOR YOUR OWN GOOD, is a fresh family comedy that gets audiences all over the world laughing. This screwball comedy brings together the best cast Spain has on offer. 


Comedy / 2017 / Spanish / 93 min / Spain





A father’s worst nightmare is the day he meets his daughter’s boyfriend… who of course turns out to be a lowdown dirty dog who only wants one thing from his beloved little girl. And that day has finally come for Arturo, Poli and Chus. Their sweet daughters have decided to throw away their futures on three loathsome guys. The only way to get rid of them is to join forces and do whatever it takes, come hell or high water. This is war! 







Carlos Therón (Interruptus)



Production Companies

Telecinco Cinema (Spanish Affair 1&2)

Quexito Films (YOLO: You Only Live Once)



Jose Coronado (The Invisible Guest)


Roberto Álamo (May God Save Us, Family United)


Javier Cámara (Truman, The Young Pope)


Pilar Castro (Julieta, Family United)


Carmen Ruiz (My Big Night)