FOOSBALL is Juan José Campanella’s first cinematographic project since he was awarded the Oscar® for “The Secret in Their Eyes”. Sergio Pablos, creator of the original idea for “Despicable Me”, is the Animation Supervisor.


Animated feature film directed by Juan José Campanella and shot in stereoscopic 3D for commercial exhibition in cinemas. The script is based on the story “Memoirs of a Right Winger” by Roberto Fontanarrosa and was written by the director. It is a Spanish-Argentine, internationally focused production, which release is expected in early 2013.




“Our intention was to create a highly unique and original world. I do believe we succeeded because I haven’t seen anything like it in any other movie. In my humble opinion”


Genre: Animation (Stereoscopic 3D)

Year: 2013

Status: Completed

Language: English / Spanish

Spain-Argentina co-production



The film tells the story of Amadeo, a shy but talented boy, and of a foosball team that is trying to get back together after having been dismantled. With the help of the foosball players, Amadeo will have to face his most terrible rival on the football pitch: the Champ.
Guided by their leader, the charismatic Right Winger, the foosball players and Amadeo will set off on a great adventure together, like a true team, to get back the dignity that the Champ stole from them. Football is the stage on which this story of love, respect, friendship and passion is played out.


Juan José Campanella - Scriptwriter and Director

After cutting his teeth directing episodes on American television for “Law and Order”, “30 Rock” and “House”, Campanella became the writer/director of some of the biggest Spanish-language box office hits in recent years with “Son of the Bride” and “The Secret in Their Eyes”.

Winner of two Emmys.

Two-time Oscar-nominee.

2010 Oscar winner.

Winner of over 50 international awards.


Sergio Pablos - Animation Supervisor

Renowned Animation Supervisor known for his Disney work on “Tarzan”, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” and “Hercules”, Pablos’ character design work can be appreciated their modern classics like “Tarzan” and “A Goofy Movie” along with Blue Sky’s latest hit, “Rio”.

His original concept for Universal Pictures became the international box office smash “Despicable Me”. The project was exec produced by Pablos under his label, The SPA Studios, collaborators on such animated features as “Nocturna” and “Asterix and the Vikings”.