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Film Factory Entertainment is an independent international sales agency based in Barcelona, Spain. Film Factory’s objective is the international sale of Spanish Cinema’s most important productions, working with a selective slate, choosing films with the highest international potential and also collaborating with Europe and Latin America’s most prominent production companies.

Film Factory has established itself in the market as a sales agent capable of taking on projects at an early stage. Film Factory’s line-up is based on two main principles: the first focuses on original films from up-and-coming directors with groundbreaking and novel subject matters, while the second emphasizes quality films with broad commercial potential and the most important productions of the year, from the most important and elite directors.

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Vicente Canales

Managing Director

Julieta Videla


Manon Barat

Sales & Marketing Executive

Maite Pascual

Head of Servicing

Cristina García

Business Affairs

Alexandra Cavaglià

Festivals Manager

Mariona Navarro

Back Office


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