YOLO: You Only Live Once

Solo Se Vive Una Vez

Federico Cueva
Peter Lanzani, Gerard Depardieu, Santiago Segura
Action comedy
90 min.
Argentina, Spain
Production Companies
Bowfinger International
Theatrical Release
15th June, 2017

Shootouts, chases, car explosions… all the right ingredients for an action film can be found in You Only Live Once. And when you throw in the comedy, you've got a perfect piece of entertainment. Starring legendary French actor Gerard Depardieu, backed by a mix of Argentina and Spain's brightest comic actors.

Leo (Peter Lanzani) is a small-time swindler who has a running deal with his next-door neighbor, Flavia (Eugenia Suárez), a young prostitute. Leo handles recording Flavia’s clients and then they split the money made extorting them. Their scam works until, one day, Flavia’s john gets murdered before her very eyes. The murderer, Dugès (Gerard Depardieu), and his sidekicks Tobías López (Santiago Segura), Harken (Hugo Silva) and Peña (Carlos Areces), are hitmen who work for one of the most important laboratories in the world. They quickly realize that Leo has recorded everything and go on the attack, but Leo manages to give them the slip. In his frenzied and reckless escape, he ends up taking refuge in a Jewish community, posing as one of them. Supposedly safe, Leo complicates his life even more by falling in love with the rabbi’s daughter, a woman engaged to be married whose future husband is not willing to give her up.


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