FORGOTTEN WE’LL BE to represent Colombia at Spanish Academy’s Goya® Awards 2021

2 September, 2020

FORGOTTEN WE’LL BE will represent Colombia at Spanish Academy’s Goya® Awards 2021.

Bteam Pictures will release the film in Spanish theaters in March 2021, after receiving Cannes Label 2020.

FORGOTTEN WE’LL BE, directed by Fernando Trueba and featuring Javier Cámara, has been chosen by ACACC, the Colombian Academy, in the running for the Best Ibero-American Film Award at the 35º edition of the Goya® Awards.

Fernando Trueba, multiple times Goya® winner, will compete for the first time in the category of Best Iberoamerican Film:

“I’d like to thank the members of the Colombian Academy for the selection. It is an honor to all those who made “Forgotten We’ll Be”. Making this movie has been a unique experience to me. Working with a cast and crew with such a spectacular professional level, and with total human and artistic dedication. Facing a book like this was a challenge. But I can only thank  the producers Gonzalo and Dago, and the author, Héctor, for the gift. And in this times we are living we realize the importance of people like Héctor Abad Gómez, who dedicated his life to fight for Public Healthcare.”

The film has already been acquired by Cohen Media Group (USA and UK),  Nour Films (France), Lucky Red (Italy) and Bteam (Spain).




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