Holy Camp! Best Comedy of the Year

24 January, 2018

HOLY CAMP! is also nominated for 5 GOYA Awards including Best Breakthrough Directors, Best Supporting Actress (Belén Cuesta and Anna Castillo), Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Original Song.

The title has been gaining recognition among critics from all media:


“The movie holds up thanks to its sharp dialogue, the eclectic music selection and a quartet of outstanding actresses”. Alberto Luchini – El Mundo.

“Funny, luminous, risky and surprising (…) the entire framework of ‘Holy Camp!’ is sensational and fun (…) but inside, it’s carrying dynamite”. Oti Rodríguez – ABC

“This musical comedy’s ability to exude joy and fun in undeniable (…) the comic side of all the actresses is key”. Oskar Belategui – El Correo.

“An initiation tale, a pamphlet that touts living life your own way and a musical comedy with dramatic outbursts, the story is a unique interpretation of religion in times of disbelief”. Pere Vall – Fotogramas.


Also HANDIA has won for Best Original Score and Best Poster.




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